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Welcome! We're so excited you've landed on our site. We want to personally introduce you to POWRD Nutrition. A dietary consulting company which helps individuals reach their goals using a more plant-forward and whole foods approach to nutrition.

Whether it be weight loss, optimizing performance in sport, or learning how to care for your body well, we are determined to create an individualized plan to reach your biggest goals!

Eating for longevity and creating sustainable habits is at the core of our company. We believe that small actions lead to big accomplishments. No more fad diets. Fueling from the ground up and focusing on real whole foods is the name of our game.

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Located in the heart of Music City, POWRD Nutrition was born. We have an in-person and online component to our practice, so whether you’re local or not, we can find a solution to all your nutrition needs!

Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Alexi Redhage began her consulting business in 2019 after realizing there is a gap in the market for science-based nutrition that focuses on each individuals needs - surprise! We're not a one size fits all company. POWRD Nutrition is passionate about your health and follow holistic, yet evidence based guidelines. Read more about our unique approach to nutrition and why Lexi started her business as a dietitian.

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The Beginning

Let's start from

- Gracyn

Working with Lexi for 12 weeks was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.

- Kirsten

The sessions were completely tailored to me and my goals with a holistic approach to health.

- TOrre

Not only does she help you adapt to new habits, she helps you learn to celebrate yourself.

- Marcus, 1st place brazillian Jui-jitsu finisher

I've learned about how to get the nutrients I need from plant-based sources, how macros work, and how to properly fuel for my athletic activities. 

- Jodi, 4x marathoner. 8 min pr

For anyone needing assistance with nutrition, Lexi is your girl. She places the utmost importance on individualization and walks with you every step of the way.”

- Alec, raiders NFL

“Lexi showed up every day focused with a big smile on her face. She helped me create a specific plan to transform my daily nutrition habits.”

- Jason, Chargers NFL

We discussed where I was at and where I wanted to go. She gave me a blueprint of foods which could help me gain muscle mass. Sure enough I reached my goals.”

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