I grew up on the West Coast in a town called Eugene, OR. I was always very active as a kid, and found my way to Nashville, TN where I became a Division 1 athlete while studying Exercise Science at Belmont University. This is where my story begins.

I took one nutrition class my freshman year and became amazed at how food could optimize sport performance, while also heal the body and play such a powerful role in disease. Thus, my desire to become a Dietitian was born. Six years later I got my license as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and started my business in 2019.

I believe in getting back to the roots of food. My hope is to make nutrition simple again, and to break down complex science into bite size pieces that you can apply easily. I only use sustainable and evidence-based practices to help you reach your goals, and focus heavily on strategies to understand your behavioral habits.

My clientele ranges from professional athletes to your neighborhood mom, and they've found success because the utmost importance is placed on THEM. Their preferences, their lifestyles, their goals. No two people are alike and neither should their nutrition!

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Exercise Science (BS), Registered Dietitian Nutritionist/Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN/LDN), Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Member, TAND Member

Hey, I'm Lexi!

Why Plants?

Adding more plants to your diet helps maintain a healthy body weight with ease, recover better from exercise, optimize sport performance, and feed those good healthy gut bacteria.

When we include whole plant foods into our bodies, we thrive! And no, that doesn't mean we all need to go vegan! (Unless you wanted to). POWRD Nutrition believes that real foods are powerful, and it's our mission to help share that with you.

There are many forms of a more plant-forward diet ranging from veganism to flexitarian. But we don't like to label our diet or create restrictions! So we simply advocate and help you design a system that's not restrictive, filled with abundance, still includes your favorite foods, AND produces results!





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Passionate About YOU!

I love walking with you through your journey! That's why I built a space to get to know your story, heart, and goals.

There's nothing better than being your cheerleader, holding you accountable, and keeping you motivated towards reaching your largest goals. I'm passionate about YOU!

Every plan can be customized to your lifestyle, preferences, timeline, and budget. My heart is to truly help others feel their most confident, beautiful, and healthiest selves!

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